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Spain’s most expensive house

Today we want you to meet Spain’s most luxurious house, which is also the most expensive property of Spain as it costs a whopping 20 million euros. A lavish detached house situated in the exclusive residential complex La Finca, on the…

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Signature houses: Torres Blancas Building in Madrid

interior piso torres blancas

Handiwork of architect  Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, the Torres Blancas building is a a landmark of Madrid’s architectural history. Standing 74 meters high and with a strategic location (at the crossroads of Corazón de María St. and  Avenida de América), it’s easily visible from…

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El Confidencial: The map of luxury housing in Madrid

Jaime Valcarce en El Confidencial

Digital newspaper El Confidencial  features us in their last article, which reviews the current news and trends of the luxury housing market. In this article we give our vision about the current market situation and the changes that have taken place in…

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