Luxury Homes in Parque Conde Orgaz

Luxury Real Estate in El Viso

One of the main goals to achieve when looking for a place to live is finding a peaceful and comfortable area to place our home.

We can find one of these peaceful areas in Parque Conde Orgaz as its green spaces, its proximity to Parque Juan Carlos I and its classification as a residential area make it the perfect place to create your home and, in addition, it is very close to the city centre.

The luxury homes in Parque Conde Orgaz have everything you need and look for when you want to buy a property due to their proximity to shopping centres, small shops, many green spaces, libraries, academies, sport centres, pubs and restaurants… making it a perfect place that combines tranquillity with leisure, education, sport and gastronomic culture.

If you are planning on buy luxury homes in Parque Conde Orgaz, please visit our luxury estate agency in Madrid. At Jaime Valcarce you will find a personal service and the best luxury houses for sale. Contact us if you want to sell you house or buy a property.

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