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Our luxury office: The day-to-day in Jaime Valcarce Consulting Inmobiliario


Come and see, today we invite you to meet our offices, located in the prestigious residential of Puerta de Hierro, in Madrid. This is the place where we close major real state transactions with the utmost integrity and confidentiality. We invite you to get to know them.

Our work philosophy is distinct , we believe that our relationship with our clients must be personalized and exquisite at all moments. We study each case to the last details: the tastes and needs of each client, its budget and expectations of their new home.

Knowing perfectly the features of our houses for sale aids us to close a successful transaction easily, as our clients are satisfied both with the treatment received and the agreement reached. Besides our work philosophy, there are other details that differentiate us from our competitors. Our offices, located in a villa in the Puerta de Hierro residential in Madrid, are the perfect complement to achieve the best working environment and to help our clients feel at home.



. oficina Jaime Valcarce


“Usually our clients reach to us by phone or via mail, but when they come at our offices to sign the purchase contract or engagement contract they are quite surprised when they see the style and location of our office. They think it’s very original to use a residential house to sell luxury residential”, claims Jaime Valcarce, founder and CEO of Jaime Valcarce Consulting Inmobiliario, in the interview published recently by, and that we share with you down below



Our daily obsession is to offer our clients the house that best suits their lifestyle, that will captivate them at first sight. Our clients are busy, they know what they want and we work daily to offer it, without losing their time with homes that they will not find to their taste. As stated in the interview, the supply of luxury and high-profile homes in Madrid is extensive and our aim is to previously select the houses that we consider interesting and with potential to be bought by our clients. Our average time from receiving a buying customer to finding their home is often less than two months, probably thanks to the careful pre-selection that our team conducts beforehand, to avoid overloading our client with information. We also sell the houses of the clients that wish to do so, following the same modus operandi: rigor, information and confidentiality.

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