Luxury Villa in Soto de La Moraleja

Luxury Real Estate in Soto de la Moraleja

In a big city, we can find two different profiles of people: those who prefer to live in a central area because of the proximity to the main leisure areas of the city and public transport, and those who prefer to live in more remote areas where tranquillity, security, a family environment and exclusivity are essential features.

If you feel identified with the second group of people, El Soto de La Moraleja will become the perfect place to locate your home.

El Soto de La Moraleja is one of the most exclusive areas to live in Madrid.  The types of buildings you will find in the area include flats and houses, usually located inside residential areas with shared spaces and communities of neighbours.

Besides having a great amount of green spaces, it is a perfect area to start a family as it is located in the best school district with a large variety of high quality education centres of the capital.

If you are planning on buy  luxury villa in Soto de La Moraleja, in Jaime Valcarce you will find personalized attention and the best luxury homes for sale, as we are one of the most specialized luxury estate agencies in this area of Madrid

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